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I recently moved to Blaine, Washington and purchased a wine cooler refrigerator and placed it in my garage. The ambient temperature up here is not all that cold but it is in the 30's and 40's during the winter months at times. The cooler is not running because of that. I have left the door slightly ajar to help with the mildew or musty problem if I close the door.

My question is if the wine will be OK? Is it to cold to leave it out there? I do have some pretty nice vintages and do not want to see them go bad because I did not cellar them properly.

I am new at this so any help is appreciated, especially from other wine lovers in the Pacific Northwest with this same problem.

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There are lots of threads about coolers, and temperature with good info if you search a bit.

I strongly recommend moving your wine cooler indoors. Temperature fluctuation is a prime cause of ruining wine. Heat is not the only enemy. Most coolers are designed to operate in an indoor setting where the ambient temperature is within 20 degrees F (hotter) than your wine cooler temp. With a typical cooler temp of 55, that gives a high of 75 for the ambient temperature. Your garage will likely exceed that unless it is air conditioned in summer.

Some people have passive cellars that fluctuate from summer to winter, but slowly . Your garage could fluctuate significantly with changes to the weather in winter months.

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