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Hi, all,

I am looking to join a wine club online. Do you have any recommendations? K &L? are simply too many to choose from. I like mostly red and for white I only drink Riesling. Quality is more important to me than the price difference and since I am the only one who drink regularly at home, 2-3 bottles a month would be sufficient.

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Bounty Hunter out of Napa is an outstanding wine club. If you are looking to find out the next "Cult" wine, Bounty Hunter does a good job of finding them. Plus, they do a top notch job with wine finds from all over.

K&L is another top notch wine club as well.

Wine Steward in Pleasanton, California is another good one, as they have a wide selection of Kermit Lynch wines and 6 different wine clubs to choose from.
Originally posted by Wonggei:
I was just wondering if these clubs were a good value.

The advantage of Bounty Hunter is that if you really want to be part of the next up coming Cult Winery, they really do their research. I found out about an Estate Winery known as Blackbird Vineyards through Bounty Hunter. They suggested signing up right away because they said that Blackbird is going to be a cult classic.

I took their advice, and when I got my mailer from Blackbird, they highly recommended ordering the wine before the deadline, because there is a very strong chance of a waiting list for the next vintage.

Bounty Hunter also recommended Hundred Acre. I ignored it, and now there is a waiting list for them as well.

Bounty Hunter also does a real good job of finding excellent wines for their wine club members as well.
Check out BP Wines in St Helena. They don't have a wine club but each week or 2 they offer some very interesting and good wines that you may not find everywhere and their prices are very competitive.

You can also pick and choose what you think you might like and not be stuck with what's sent.

Website is I am only a happy customer of theirs. No affiliation.
Here is my two cents
Depending on where you live you only want wines shipped certain months of the year. (In NY forget about May to Oct) My experiences with wine clubs is that they bundle a few gems with a few bombs. The few gems are often are very hard to find elsewhere so if you do come across a bottle you like, good luck finding more of it in stores, online, etc.

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