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G'day all!

I have been asked by the Hotel School I work for to research on funky, "out of the box" wine cellar and tasting room designs for our new campus to be constructed next year. The cellar will be underground, and temperature controlled.

Was wondering if anyone knew any websites with some good pictures I could have a look at for inspiration, or has anyone been to any cool wine stores, vinyards, tasting rooms that have really blown them away?

I have a coffee table book called "Wine By Design" which has been quite helpful, but I would like to see more.

Any assistance is, as usual, always appreciated! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

"Carpe Vinum!"
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Out of the box? Just make sure you design with functionality in mind as well, at least for the wine tasting room.

Think about:

Colours - you'll want them neutral, preferably all white. Experiment with lighting, but make sure its good, neutral (daylight type preferrably) at the actual tasting station.
Air circulation - Nothing that can smell too much, and if people are to spend time there, make sure air flow is good.
Comfortable chairs

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