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Having been to Vegas about 25 times I know all of the very good to great places to eat. You can't go wrong with SW Steakhouse, Aureole, etc.

But I am looking for some nice, casual places that have a good wine list - a place where my family and I can sit, try a few good glasses and take in the city and the scenery. Basically a place to kick back and relax a bit.

I'll be heading out in early November.

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Originally posted by billhike:
I'll add a second vote for the Wine Cellar in the Rio. Yo do actually go down a long flight of stairs into a cellar-type setting. They use good glassware, and if you don;t want to sit at a bar there are areas with couches and the like.


I would second the Rio, but the last time I was there they had also turned it into a cigar bar Frown

Ditto, for the Champagne Bar at the Paris. My wife and I went in to taste, and there were several guys smoking cigars there too. We turned around and left.

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