Wine Aerators - Any Value ?

In my endless quest to pick up the perfect stocking stuff, I impulse bought a Vinturi Wine Aerator (see for my wife. With the latest familial addition, and his ridiculous sleep schedule, we find little time to enjoy leisure nights of wine tasting with two hour decantings and I'm hoping that even in some small way, this device will help "enhance the experience" when we have only an hour to enjoy a bottle here and there.

I'm wondering whether I will totally regret the purchase ... or only partially. Any experience one way or the other with similar devices ? The theory seems right to me, but I'm not sure how much real world effect it will have.

Regardless of how it works, I think I'll drink that 97' Jos. Phelps Insignia I've got downstairs the old fashioned way on NYE.
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Using wine aerators is as individual as wines. Some people love them and some people wouldn't use them. Take it for a test run with your friends. Aerate half the bottle and pour aerated and non-aerated wine into different glasses and then taste them blind. I think you will see the difference even with inexpensive everyday white wines.
Just in case anyone reads this thread in the future, I conducted a somewhat "blind" test with 3 bottles and two people. 5 out of the 6 "samples" selected as "better" had been run through the Vinturi. I'm conducting a more formal "study" on New Year's Eve, when my group tends to open some better wines.

Initial result is that the device works pretty darn well, and definately served to mellow some of the wine after it was just opened.
thanks for the post.. the first time i've seen this Vinturi device..

it looks like it would be a bit clumsy to use/pour.. is it?

i just received a decanting funnel/aerator as a christmas gift and am looking forward to using it..

looking forward to your post New Years post : )
Originally posted by sbpwjm:
thanks for the post.. the first time i've seen this Vinturi device..

it looks like it would be a bit clumsy to use/pour.. is it?

Not at all. Actually, it's very ergonomic. It's a solid piece of what appears to be high end blow molded plexiglass, slightly "egg shaped", but fills my entire fist. There's a ring of material quite similar to the Oxo Good-Grips kitchen utensils around the middle, so there's no change of dropping it.

The end which you pour the wine into is sufficiently large that you can easily do a slow pour, without any fear of it overflowing. The end which the wine exits from is tapered sufficiently that you could either pour directly into a glass, or into a small mouthed decanter.

The device comes with a resting stand, which has a sufficient resorvoir for residual "drips". According to the product literature, all of it is washable in an automatic washer on the top shelf.

All in all, it's an attractive and functional design, and it appears very solid and well made (I doubt a drop from counter height would do anything to it). I also don't mind having it sit out next to the kitchen wine rack at all - it doesn't look gaudy or distracting at all.

The only question I have is whether the thing actually works ... so I'll be sure to post my results after NYE.
I'm certainly no physics major, but I did notice that when wine is poured into the device, there is a distinct sucking sound as it funnels through, likely pulling air in through two very small holes in the side of the unit. In this way, it's different from some of the funnels I've seen before. Didn't get a chance to open any bottles last night and test it out again, but hope to do so tomorrow.
how did you even find that? Confused

i received one for christmas, and, well.. it's okay. i think it helps with some younger, tighter, less expensive wines. that said, it doesn't "add 10 years of age" as most LWS guys will tell you. only 10 years of age (or japanese engineering) can add 10 years of age to a bottle.

i use it for my daily drinkers and my lower-ish end bottles ($18 - $40 or so) and i think it certainly helps them open up. but if you have a $100 bottle that needs age to be appreciated, well, age it. don't just use the aerator and think you're making up for it.

my two cents...
Originally posted by Ed Bowers [FWS]:
what if we aerate nto a decanter and let it decant for 45 minutes? Will have to test that premise.

haha, that's actually what i do with really young bordeaux or syrah. just to humor myself, whenever i use the aerator i pour a taste without "aeareation" and i always find a difference, but it's not a jaw-dropper.

with that said, on christmas eve we ran an 07 caymus through the vinturi and drank it 20 minutes later. i poured one glass worth back into the bottle and drank it 8 hours later. the difference was night and day. the wine was 5 times better after spending 8 hours in the bottle.

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