Will "WS Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine" Ever Be Updated?

Wine Spectator's Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine, Seventh Edition is essentially a collection of WS reviews that was last published in 2000. Have they decided to stop publishing new editions of this in order to get people to subscribe to WS Online, or do they still plan on publishing new editions (which used to come out about every other year)?
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From what I have heard, yes, but I could be badly mistaking. However, upon hearing the news that they were not going to publish it anymore, I decided to become a full online member and have found it to be just as beneficial as the buyers guide, especially when it comes to looking up reviews and tasting notes.
Isn't it obvious?
Why sell a $20 book that could be used for 4-5 years, when you can charge the same people $50 a year to subscribe to the online service?

Sort of hard to bring the computer into the bathroom. Hard copy book makes better reading. Big Grin Big Grin

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