Lots of reports of increased wildlife sightings in suburban areas lately.  I have noticed more birds and squirrels over the past few weeks, but nothing more until today.  This afternoon, I had a Cooper's Hawk land on an eave on the front of the house.  She/he sat there for five minutes or more looking downward.

  There is a big fat female rabbit that has nested under my azaleas for the past 4-5 years that I haven't seen this year.  

Seeing more critters lately?


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I honestly haven’t noticed, and we walk our dog 5x/day. I have seen stories about this, though. We usually see a decent amount where I live, including an occasional coyote. Nothing more than usual as far as I can tell.

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Nothing beyond the norm here.  Chickens, iguanas, normal birds pelicans, egrets, ibis, herons, turkey vultures, hawks, 

Forgot pythons,

Saw a rattlesnake last week, but that is not unusual.  I have been noticing a lot of birds, but that may be due to doing more outdoor walks.

Lots of video of bears wandering into backyards in this area, looking like they're checking up on people. Interesting that they reclaim the land so quickly without a lot of human presence. 

Nothing unusual where I am - plenty of deer, rabbits, squirrels, various song birds, a couple of raccoons, and a fox.

We live in downtown Toronto, in about as urban a neighbourhood as it gets. Racoons, skunks, rats, and the occasional possum are regular visitors along with the sparrows and robins but in the past few weeks we've seen some bigger birds we've never seen here before. Hawks are perching on lampposts and my neighbour photographed a crow (raven?) on his back fence with a smaller bird in its talons. 

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Apart from some sort of animal eating the tortillas out of my instacart order before I brought it in, I haven’t directly seen this. But I’ve seen videos of bears getting more curious in other parts of the country. And I live in the part of LA County that is known for its kitty cats, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see one roaming around now that there are fewer humans out.

I thought this thread would be about the first Paul McCartney & Wings album.

But whatever... we haven't seen an increase in wild life in our hood. Even prior to COVID, we would regularly get deer, red foxes, possum, rabbits and coyotes in our back yard.

If anything, I've seen fewer deer in the past six weeks, possibly because there are more people out walking in the Humber Ravine (at the end of our street where the deer come) at all times of day, seven days a week.

I had a wolf track come out of the woods go along our driveway for 30 feet or so (and right along the side of the truck) then headed off back into the woods on Wednesday morning.

But I'm not in the city... 

We were in the cemetery behind your house Sunny on Friday and say a couple deer.  (Sang happy birthday to my MIL as their condo backs onto the cemetery from Bloor st.) 

Rob- wow. I’ve heard them up there but never ever seen wolves.  Not sure how I feel about that. 

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We were in the cemetery behind your house Sunny on Friday and say a couple deer.  (Sang happy birthday to my MIL as their condo backs onto the cemetery from Bloor st.) 

Well done, mangiare!

I love this photo of a guy visiting his mom at her seniors residence.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 4.14.20 PM


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The hawk has not returned.  And the fat mama rabbit has not appeared either.  Que sera sera.  Saw two red foxes today near the house.  They're fairly common around here, but not this close to houses.  Otherwise, pretty normal.


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