Does anyone have any experience with Wilderotter wines? The only thread on the search function has DVD mentioning he tasted one of their wines.

I met Maggie Wilderotter, who is the CEO of Frontier Communications, last night. She is an impressive person. In conversation, I learned of her and her husband's winery. The prices look reasonable, but I am looking for input.
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Yes, I have tasted a couple of their wines, but not enough to get a true impression. Sounds like a tasting trip/research mission needs to be done.

Without knowing pricing, Sierra Foothill wines are generally a decent value. I have found much better wines with the Rhone varietals, than any others, and that includes whites (the one exception is Vino Noceto and their Sangioveses).
A couple of vintages back they had a Barbera that was well received by most of the wine geeks that I hang out with... We cleaned the shelves at several retail stores, as the winery quickly sold out.

I would generalize by saying that their reds are a little lighter bodied in style, when comparing like varietals of neighboring wineries.

I'm afraid that I haven't tasted any of their most current releases.

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