Why no SAQ price alert thread?

As an Ontario resident, I very much appreciate the heads ups from posters about savings at our resident monopoly.

Just wondering why there isn't a similar standing thread from our Quebec cousins?
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Originally posted by KSC02:
Bruce, you'd be much better served if you just downloaded the SAQ App.
Then you will always be alert to any sale AND you'll be able to quickly see what outlets have the wines you're looking for and how many in stock. A great App Wink

I assume this app isn't available for Blackberry, which is what I have?

I do subscribe to the on-line newsletter, so I see sale info there.
Well hate to burst the SAQ app love bubble but it is quite inaccurate. I've searched wines using the key word search and it didn't appear on the iphone app but did so using the saq.com site. Similarly, the bar code scanner doesn't work very well sometimes.

It has cool graphics, though. Spit

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