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After reading so many tasting notes that practically deify Ch. Petrus, I am very curious as to why it is not a classified growth. I know that Pomerol wasn't included in the Bordeaux Classification of 1855, but Petrus seems to qualify for such classification in several ways. In fact, I commonly see the phrase "the quality equivalent of a first growth" attached to most evaluations. If this statement is true, then why not just make it a first growth? Can anyone offer any insight?
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1855 was a Médoc thing.
With the exception of Haut-Brion.

Other appellations have a classification (like Graves and St-Emilion).
Not so Pomerol.
Not so long ago Pomerol was looked at as a second rate region.
Farm land.

Nothing resembling a château there.
And then all of a sudden they start making some of the best wines in the world. Selling worldwide without any need for a classement anymore.

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