Hi everyone, yep, 2000 posts! When I registered on October 29, 2002! I had no idea what this would lead to! Oh my!
So, no need for congrats or salutations, I wouldn't want to offend Golf & Zin Nut unnecessarily! Smile

Here is my quest. We have 7257 registered members at this BB; of course, 53 of these are registered names in reserve for the occasional Vino Me emergency! Maybe 100 people post on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?
Why register and never post?
Make this the topic to do it! Let's have an introduction, where you are from and maybe a favorite wine or wine thought!
No further expectations, just an ice-breaker.
You have the right to fade back into obscurity!
Big Grin

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!"

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Before this slips off page one into oblivion, even though I don't fit the requirements you've requested I feel compelled to disregard your admonishment and offer my congrats on 2000 high quality posts! PE, you are a real gem - a delight in person and on the forums, I look forward to seeing you and Pinto again soon Cool.

Once ... in the wilds of Afghanistan, I lost my corkscrew, and we were forced to live on nothing but food and water for days. - W. C. Fields

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Oops. Dropped the ball.
Favorite style of wine, southern Rhone. Fav wine, Beaucastel CdP, followed by Pegau, or maybe about to be eclipsed by Pegau. Also, love to find that gem for about $10 like Garetto Tre Neuit e Di Barbera, Dom Martinho, Les Terrasses, etc. that prove that points aren't everything, or anything.
Okay, this should help bring down the average number of posts by people replying to this message.

I've been enjoying the posts here for quite a while, but didn't even bother to register until I got annoyed at the Wine Spectator site suddenly not working on my Macintosh. Then I registered and posted several times on that thread. I don't mean to start another Mac vs PC argument so ignore this paragraph if you're so inclined.

I've always enjoyed good wine, but have only tried to seriously understand it over the last six months or so. I initially thought Cabernet was my favorite wine, and that was all I would buy. I have recently been trying to "widen my horizons" a bit, and now I'd say my favorite wines include Barbera, Cotes du Rhone, Zinfandel, and Shiraz.

I'm from the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania.
Though I'm not a lurker, I'm always willing to fade back into obscurity. Congratulations, PE. You're always a class act.

(Forrest -- I used to have problems with loading on this site. I got a new iMac a couple of weeks ago. The site has never worked better for me-- I use IE 5.2 on OS 10.3.3. If your Mac can handle the upgrade, this is a solution Smile)


a great experiment! mmm-hmm! Just great! Cool
Maybe I should have changed the subject title!!
Oh well....

Thanks everyone! Big Grin

Good Save EW!! See you and Teri in Wally World!
Tokaji in hand!
And B-Man...you should be an impressionist, that was a great imitation..you sounded just like him!

"From wine what sudden friendship springs!"
I'm a newbie who'll pipe in. I just start to really enjoy wine. About three years ago I bought a cheapie 25 bottle wine cooler and saved what I thought were good wines in it. Then I read about humidity being a factor and realized I needed a better cellar, which is when my research brought me to this site. Because of this site and you great people, my appreciation for wine has blossomed and my bank account dwindled. I received my 280 bottle cellar in march and my bottle count is around 140. (all including my daily drinkers better then most of my original collection).
My favorite is probably still cabs, but in preparation for a trip to Italy I found my new love, Barolos. I also discovered that even though I had tried many other variatals and didn't like them, the reason was as much due to the quality of the wine. I found I like good wine. I have a fair number of Syrah, Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, Merlot, Brunello, Barbaresco Amerone, Chianti and Pinot noir. (I like red)

Congratulations to PE, I hope this is what you wanted
Congratulations PE and Grunhauser!

I wish I could come up with something witty to say. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss Roll Eyes therefore, congratulations will have to suffice. I really enjoy both of your posts. Smile


"What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?" -- W.C. Fields
Congratulations on the milestone. One day I hope to be up to that level.

I have only recently gotten into wine. Maybe six months or so. I have started experimenting with West Coast Red's (particularly California Cab's and Merlot). After reading the posts on this site I feel it is time to venture out and try others. Due to my lack of experience I have not ventured too high on the cost of wine.

Any wine reccomendations for a newbie to try?
Hey Pinot Envy...

There aren't near enough Pinot Noir fans on this Forum. Glad you are one of them!

My favorite wines.... Puligny Montrachet & Chablis....hands down.

my next favorites and almost a tie...Pinot Noir

3rd place... CA Cab

So, we are going to Napa V next week and who am we visiting and tasting ...all Cabs???
David Arthur, David Ramey, Palomo, Ladera, Spottswoode.

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