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Originally posted by pyang:

Too bad you weren't at the recent Texas off-line when Mark and Gove visited. They wanted to prepare their own version of Steak Carcar and bring it to the off-line for you as a thank you for visitng the winery while you were in Napa. Big Grin
I had a very good excuse for not being there: I was in Nicaragua. But I really really wanted to be there.

Were they that upset that I showed up 1.5 hour late that they wanted to bring me steak carcar? Did I break anything while I was at the winery?
(read in Iron Chef voices)


GO !!!

I see that grunhauser has been using his sous chefs abu, and Bob quite a bit. Will this effect his dishes in a negative way ?

Well, yes and no. I think his team has the strength to hold it all together, and I see that DJ has chosen sous chefs formerly known garde mangers. I think will be a fair battle with the winner to take on Iron Chef Flubis !!! Big Grin

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