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Given that some of you have managed to talk me out of buying a small cellar, I happened to look on Ebay and found a Eurocave 170 Compact. It is $1,000 and five years old. Anyone know the useful life of a Eurocave so I can figure out if this is a good buy? Will it die or require expensive repair in 8 to 10 years? The Eurocave appeals to me because it's supposedly very quiet.
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I own a couple Eurocaves, and have been happy with them. They are quiet. A new 170 is available for around $2,000, so $1,000 for a 5 year old unit sounds OK, if not great. Keep in mind shipping this thing any distance will be expensive, and requires specialized handling.

If the unit has been well cared for, I'd expect it to last as long as a regular refrigerator might. Maybe 15-20 years? This is just a guess, as mine are around 4 years old if I'm counting correctly.

I've got a Vinotemp unit and the compresser wore out after less than 5 years of use - cost me $500 to replace it. I asked around on VC and was told that replacing the compressor on any cellar every 5-8 years was not unusual. For that reason I personally would avoid buying a 5 year old unit.


Actually that's not entirely accurate. Someone told me that but it wasn't anyone on VC, it was the guy I called about servicing it.
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I bought a Eurocave Comfort 170 1-Temp from the Wine Enthusiast in December, 2001. About two months ago it stopped cooling. The motor sounds like it is running but it does not cool. I wrote to Wine Enthusiast asking where I could get it repaired and they said that they don't know but I should contact a refrigeration repair company. I contacted several refrigeration repair companies and none of them will service a Eurocave. I have today sent an email to a Eurocave site in England I found via Google asking for help. Will report if I have any success.
My first Eurocave (when they were actually imported from Europe) was purchased in 1981. It had a compressor replaced in 1993 and is still going strong in a buddies garage.
A friend of mine owns a eurocave and is very happy with it. He was always griping about his old unit (I can't remember what it was).

The shipping is expensive, so before you invest $1000 dollars makes sure you know how much it's going to cost to get it to you. The difference in price from that to new one might only be like $50 bucks or so..
You only have two options for storing 200 cases of wine, offsite or convert a room into a cellar. There is no freestanding cellar that can fit anyhwere 200 cases.

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