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Ok, seeing as Im really new at all of this, perhaps it might be too early for the both of them, but I would like to drink 1 of the 2 with my lovely girlfriend this evening. I will put it too you, the board Smile

Wolf Blass Pinot Noir Yarra Valley 2003


Hardys Bankside 2002 Shiraz South Australia

Hopefully, ( and I truly don't know this ) both wines are available to drink now, and don't need more time.....which leads me to ask. How in the world do I know when a wine is ready to drink ??? Frown I'm sorry, I know I ask alot of questions Frown

- AD/Matt
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Hey Dodger, if you do go for wine with your sweet-spicy-vinegary meal, you might want to try the wine before dinner. Get an idea of how it tastes on its own.

Then, it would be fun to try the wine with each of the elements in the meal and see how each influences your perception of the wine.

But why stop there? Even better, open both bottles and see which one goes better with the food. (Easy way to save wine: immediately upon opening, pour half the bottle into a clean, empty beer bottle. Then pop in the cork and keep the beer bottle in the fridge. Take it out about an hour before you want to serve the leftovers. With a bigger red, the wine should last okay for a few days.)

Since you're drinking it with your lovely girlfriend, you might discover more than one match. But I would make sure that I had some beer or seltzer in the fridge.

Bon appetite!
Thanks for the advice all Smile

First off, thanks a million to The Schoolmarm. I have found what she has wrote aswell as her responses to my post's very encouraging and in a way heartwarming. For that I thank you. And too all the others, I truly, truly thank you. It's not easy to join a forum that is established, and be accepted especially when your as new as I am. Again, you are all truly awesome Smile

Now, the wine went well. I took thewinemonkeys advice and stayed away from the salad due to the vinagrette dressing. Unfortunatley I did not get Schoolmarm's advice soon enough, and was well into the Pinot Noir when I read her response, but that will be something I try doing in the very near future. I enjoyed the Pinot Noir a great deal. Even more so as it decanted more and more throughout the evening. Needless to say, a good bottle of wine made my evening even more enjoyable. Thank you for the advice everyone Smile

- AD/Matt

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