I've got one bottle of Monastrell and I've not tasted this variety before.

Which food types should I look to pair with it?
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Monastrell is somewhat like Primitivo, plummy and dark fruits. I like it with Italian food and mexican food. I think it will go with just about anything except for delicate fish dishes and the like.
Monastrell aka Mourvedre also has a very clear, pungent meaty character. I'm not really sure what to make of that in food pairing, but it can be quite noticeable, although it doesn't have to be disagreable.
I'm not sure what to make of the replies so far. This wine sounds kinda scarey.

I'm thinking of pizza tonight and wonder if this bottle would be in the ball park with that.

sorry I missed this. Mourvedre is my favorite.
It goes really well with Pizza, anything grilled, BBQ, and rich stews. Basically anything hearty and meaty.

I also like it with anything with spicy herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Tyme, or Oragano. Good Mourvedre should have a spicy element.

It's Called Monastrell in Spain. Mourvedre or Mataro in the US and Mataro in Australia. Wines from Bandol, Gigondas, and Chateneauf du Pape in France also have good percentages of Mourvedre.

It can get aggresive tannins and meaty smells if not handled carefully in the winery, so choose your producer carefully. In fact some people call it "The Dog Strangler" because it's tannins could strangle even a dog Smile

Look for wines from Cline if you enjoyed the bottle, and I hear Ridge will have a Mataro again soon.

Santa Cruz Mountains Vintage Chart

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