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My wife and I stopped in this region in Eastern Hungary in August, 2005. With the help of tsunami we were able to set up some winery appointments. A very helpful site with winery contact information can be found at Tokaji Renaissance. The region is very picturesque and the outstanding dessert wines make this a worthwhile visit. The drive from Budapest is about 2.5 hours.

Here is some information:

Where to Stay
We made a day trip out of the region and did not stay overnight. Therefore, I cannot recommend any hotels.

Wineries to Visit
Except for some of the wineries with international investors who are prominent in oversees markets, most wineries are by appointment only. I recommend:
Istvan Szepsy- Our favorite winery to visit
Kiralyudvar- Run by Istvan so you can try the wines from both wineries at one stop.
Uri Borok- Among the very best wineries in the region.
Dereszla- These wines and Disznoko are readily available in the US so I would skip them and concentrate on harder to get wines.

Where to Eat
Sarga Borhaz- In Tokaj near the Disznoko winery.

Best Vintages
1993, 1999 and 2000 stand out with 1998 a step behind.

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