Where to eat in Quebec City

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Sorry Mim, but I have a direct flight from YYZ.
I believe you are storing some wine for me.
I hope you are planning a trip to Toronto some time soon. It has been way too long.[/QUOTE
Yes it has been way too long. I’ll let you know when I come to Toronto, brother.
To be honest with you, I wasn’t very impressed with Quebec City in terms of cuisine. I found most restaurants in the old city pricey and not very interesting.

That being said and while no haven’t tried it, I heard The Continental to be the best example of old style French cuisine. It was also featured in Bourdains trip to Quebec.

I dont feel it was worthwhile to merit its own thread, but I wanted to point out that Paillard's bakery in Quebec city makes one of the best croissants I've ever had.  Crunchy, flaky, chewy  and fulfilling at the same time?  Impossible you would say, but holy shit is that croissant good.  I had it plain, mixed with chocolate, topped with almonds and stuffed with ham.  They were all stunning.

A beautiful play of textures and a lovely mix of sugar and butters, these crossiants are definitely worth the effort.  The breakfast croissant was even too much for this heavy set american, loaded with a creamy cheese bechamel spread over a slightly salty slice of canadian ham with a free cup of rich dripped coffee thrown in, one can just not complain about one of the most complete breakfasts known to this rather rotund food lover!

I snuck in a few more regular croissants for the road back home, I hope they hold!

La Polina Pizzeria

The night we were thinking st armour for dinner but the kids threw in a wrench.  We walked into this pizza place because the kids INSISTED on nothing but pizza.

A fun atmosphere, except we were sent downstairs into the lower depths of teh restaurant.  The wait staff was incredibly attentive, and apologetic for the lack of food coming out of the kitchen that you couldnt help but feel sorry for the poor gal in charge of manning the dungeon.  

They have some truly weird concoctions, of which I would recommend none except the basic sauce, cheese dough and maybe the one with the basil thrown on top.  My youngest insisted on the mac and cheese pizza and with strong reservations, the powdery mac and cheese arrived not gooey and stringy but simply wet and buttered.  The bite confirmed the split in lactose and grease leaving you with that weird "sandy" not quite melted cheese bite.  The regular pie was quite good.  The sauce is top notch, but the dough, i'm afraid would come to preference.  The dough ahs the same texture that I find abhorring about motreal bagels.  It should be chewy, thick and feel like it hurt my jaws a little if i had to go through a f ull bagel.  Instead the crust and the dough tasted more akin of a good montreal bagel.  I'm sure it works for some folks, but it's tough for this new yorker to accept that texture as proper pizza.  I would highly recommend the incredibly flavorful, crunchy and mouth filling calamari with their delicate and herbally tartar sauce.  I ordered a side of jalapenos to pair with and it was a fantastically fun mix.

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