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I was there way back in August of '98. The only real memorable meal I had was unfortunately a place that one of the locals knew and I have no idea of the name or where it was at. I would wait until you get there and get local advice as most of the places are all-inclusive or are just way too touristy. Also try the Piton beer while your there. It's a nice local brew.
North or South?

The ever-gorgeous Anse Chastanet Resort has a nice restaurant, open air, overlooking the Pitons.

We had an incredible meal at the nearby Jalousie Hilton Resort & Spa one night. Good wine list, as I recall.

Don't miss the former sugar/cocoa plantation of Anse Mamin. Napolean and Josephine were regulars and the baths, waterfalls and gardens are amazing.

We ate at a local place, a small house really, and Marie was the chef. There were two tables, on the porch, ours had a little "reserved" tent. SmileShe cooked a stupendous meal, but I understand she has gone off to that great big plantation in the sky. Her husband played us Blues all night.

Thanks for the memory, that was six years ago today!

A great place to spend Christmas.

Our hacienda was surrounding by 10 foot Poinsettia trees. Smile

I sailed throughout the Caribbean ten years ago and have vivid memories of St Lucia! It probably depends on where you stay as far as where you'll be eating. Up near Rodney Bay (at the marina) is/was the best pizza I've ever had. I also had the most memorable Christmas dinner of my life at Memories of Hong Kong (sailed in on Xmas Day - rough storm). There's an East Indian restaurant called Razmataz that was a frequent stop which had great food! Also in the area is Charthouse which is great for chain food. Further south toward the Pitons is Dasheen which hb recommended and I would definitely go for. Amazing sunset views! Near there are some sulfur springs and a volcano if you're into that. Then further south is Marigot Bay which is a great place to hang out for the day and sit at Doolittle's to have cocktails. Man that was a fun place! That's also a good area if you're into diving. Again up north around Gros Islet are some great local spots. On Friday nights everyone would get together for a "jump up" where there's ALL kinds of people and a lot of music.
If you're into nature, hiking and ocean activities then this is the place ofr you. Back then I was a bartender that would just raise the sails and take off until the money ran out. So I didn't go to the super expensive restaurants and luxury resorts. Of all of the islands that I've been to, I felt the safest in St Lucia and enjoyed talking to and getting to know the local West Indians. I hitch hiked alot and relied mostly on the bus system (a cultural treat!). Enjoy yourself and I guarantee that you will have the best bananas you've ever had!
My wife and I stayed at the Jalousie Hilton Resort & Spa last November for a week. They have one high end restaurant there that was really good. The wine list is ok - you have to remember that you're kind of on Gilligan's Island - but nothing too great. The biggest kick I got was their "wine recommendation of the week" was Sutter Home Cabernet! The best I saw on the list was a Silver Oak and I am not a fan. But the food was outstanding!
Ah, yes, Dasheen. We only had cocktails there but the view was spectacular. Superman and the Pitons. Cool
We did the volcano and the springs. I have a black hair-thingy that still has the sulfur scent - I love it.
This is my all-time favorite island. The best diving, sailing, snorkeling and fishing in one place.
A few months after we were lounging under that waterfall after the hike, Playgirl did a photo shoot there. Eek
I have friends that live there so we dip into their wine cellar in lieu of the Gilligan Island stash.


Unless things have changed they only had one golf course on the island and it's on the North side of the island. A medium length course that looked pretty nice but I didn't get a chance to play it. It's more of a tennis friendly island as there were lots of nice tennis courts at all the resorts and even a tennis club as well.

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