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Do you want upscale dining or New Mexican cuisine? I'm gonna guess both.

For upscale we really liked The Old House and Inn of the Anasazi. For a bit more casual but still nice dining with a killer "early bird" special is Pauls. Also Pascual's is great but perhaps a tad "intimate" for some.

For New Mexican the standby's seem to be Maria's and Tomasitas (best house frozen marg imo) but I really liked Tortilla Flats (out Cerillos Rd.) a bit better. The Plaza Cafe is great as well. The Cowgirl Hall of Fame is always fun too. Also The Shed is good and Gabriels just north of town.

There are a lot of great places to eat there and I can't remember all of them but we lived there a couple of years and I'd be happy to comment on any ideas.
Must agree on the Old House. Very good dining experience, and a good wine list that is only mildly overpriced (actually reasonable all things considered).

DO NOT EAT AT SANTACAFE! It is highly touted by the guidebooks, but I have never had a worse dining experience at an upsacle restaurant. From beginning to end, everything was done wrong. Here's my previous thread about Santa Fe. My gripe about Santacafe was in the MTH forum, which is unfortunately unaccessable.

The wife and I are looking at another trip there in the fall, mostly so we could have breakfast at Pasqual's again. Best omelette ever. We ate there 2 of 3 mornings and regretting not going a 3rd time.
Santa Fe---
Had dinner at the Inn of the Anasazi. I had a terrific ribeye, with mashed potatoes and some veggies following a delightful caesar salad. My wife had two appetizers and enjoyed them both.
We had a 2002 Fess Parker Pinot Noir. It was dramatic and had excellent fruit notes. It had the best nose of any Pinot I have ever experienced, and that includes Burgundies. I was really taken by the wine. I would give it 92-93 points. (It was $12.50 per glass).
On this trip we also had dinner at La Plazuela, the restaurant at the hotel at which we stayed. I had a great Beef Wellington and my wife had barbecued baby backs. We had a New Mexico 2002 Pinot Noir, from Cuvee Gilbert Gruet. (I guess I chose this so next time there is a thread about how many states have we had wine from I can add New Mexico). But, the wine was quite better than expected. It was surprisingly enhanced by good cherry notes, and I was pleased with the balance in the wine. The information I received was that the winery was 20 years old or so. 85 points, but hardly a QPR at $40 a bottle.
Earlier in the trip we had a Firestone Shiraz 2001, a Kinpalaa Shiraz 2002 (S.E.Aust, and an Argentinian Malbec which was forgettable.
We went past Geronimo, but it was not yet lunchtime.
Thanks to all who assisted.
Originally posted by Primordialsoup:
Heading there in Oct. for our 20th. It looks like it's been awhile for this post and I didn't see anything more recent. Recommendations appreciated.

I will be glad to try to help. We have a house in Santa Fe and spends several months here each year and have been coming to Santa Fe for over 20 years.

It may be best to communicate via email.

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