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I haven't lived in Richmond for over 20 years, but the Shocko Slip and Bottom are where many of the better restaurants and clubs are located. The Tobacco Company is pretty nice, and has been around for a long time. If the Froh and the Redneck are still in business they were very good. Buckheads Chop House on Patterson had a good wine list. It really isn't a town that is big into wine.
I'm going to have to disagree with you on the Tobacco Company. It might have been worthwhile 20 years ago, but is best to avoid now. Also, sadly, The Frog and the Redneck closed about a year or two ago.

On to the good news! I wholeheartedly recommend Mille's, a unique restaurant with a charming wine list. Havana '59, in the Bottom, is a blast. Gallery 805 (or something like that) opened recently and I've heard very good things. For a formal, big-bucks sort of meal (and probably one of the best wine lists in town) Jefferson Hotel's LeMaire lives up to the hype.

Recommendations in the Fan: Kuba Kuba, Akito, Zeus Cafe, Stella's, Davis and Main, Strawberry Street Cafe, and Joe's Inn. If you've got more questions, let me know. I spent the first 18 years of my life there.
Keith, we went to Havana 59 on Friday night and had a great time. The outside deck was closed for a private party but we got a nice table along the opened windows and parked it there for 6 hours.

Had a blast -- thanks for the recommendation. Richmond is one of those great little cities you don't hear much about. Will definitely be back sometime soon.
Glad you liked Havana, one of my childhood friends opened it. He has another place on the corner called CITY BAR AND ROTISERE. Some of the best food and wine in the city can be found at MAMMA ZU and EDO'S SQUID. The quality of the food is tops and wine selections great and prices low(how about 30$ for a 96 Brunello).For Italian fans these places are not to be missed. Both places are crazy busy and can be hectic. For all you frog fans give Acacia a try. Dale the owner/Chef worked at the Frog with Jimmy(redneck) and does nice American food. I am trying to get Jimmy to open another place but with no luck yet. If you want more info email me at
Ate at Bacchus in the Fan district on Saturday night. Very good food however, the service could have been better. Also, with a name like Bacchus, I would have expected a better wine list (one page and very limited).

We did enjoy the veal dish as well as the pasta along with a bottle of 2000 Fife Zin Redhead Vineyard.

I am originally from Richmond and would recommend that visitors try to find quality restaurants in the older districts like The Fan. You get great food plus a lot more (ambiance, character(s), etc).
Hmmm, how did I miss this topic? Oh well, better late than never!

Keith, I'm West End'er in now, moved down here about 20 months ago...and Kenyon, huh? My family is from Gambier, and I spend a ton of time there visiting!

Great rec's all, Rabbit, I'm going to have to take you up on the offer, I'll plan on coming to Edo's sometime soon. Look forward to it!
I have a lot of relatives that use to work at Kenyon years and years ago. My grandmother lives on Brooklyn street, down the hill past the pizza place and the school. She worked for a professor from Kenyon in the 1940s. My mother went to Gambier High School the year it opened.

I came VERY close to going to school there and
playing football...I'm graduated a year after you in Columbus. It is, indeed a small world.

BTW, thanks for the recco a long time ago re: J Emerson's. Quite simply the finest wine store in the state with the best staff.

I was home for the holidays and took my folks to Edo Squid on Sunday night. We had an outstanding meal -- especially the Rockfish. Easily the best I have ever had. The veal was delicious as well.

Additionally, kudos to you on a very affordable wine list! We had a nice little Dolcetto for $20. I noticed the '99 CS Pine Ridge SLD for ~$50. My family doesn't drink a lot of wine; otherwise, I would have jumped on that deal!

There were only 2 negatives:

1. Edo SQUID was out of SQUID! I hear the calimari is the best in the city -- guess I'll have to try again next time I visit.

2. The owner could be more friendly. I know it's his schtick to look un-shaven/grungy, wear his bandana/doo-rag and not look the typical "restaurant-owner" part. However, when people (i.e. me and my family) try to engage you in a conversation, there's no reason to come across as un-accommodating and unfriendly. He was the same way at Mamma Zu's when we ate there a few months ago. No skin off my back -- just an observation.

Regardless, a GREAT meal. I'll definitely be back.

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