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I have family in Portland, but they are not to big on dining out. I know there is a place called the Mediteranean Grill that is good. There are a lot of good places in Portland but I did not get out on the town that much so I cannot give you any first hand reccomendations. There was this place in Belfast that my cousins from Mass. took me to that I loved. I think it was called Darby's.

Dinwiddie went to Portland, Maine and dined out a few times, he did a write-up on winodepot in their fine dining section. That might be worth checking out.

Sorry I am not much help.
Stay away from any restaurant that floats.

Good advice re: DiMillo's. Wink

When I go home I hit Amato's on India St. and get a double original Italian, extra olives. Throw on a whoopie pie and a bottle or two of Moxie, head to the Eastern Prom, and watch the activity in the harbor. I don't usually do "fine dining" in Maine, since I can do that anywhere.

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