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Yes, I've been to the Kee Grille in Juno Beach twice in the last month or so. Both times I have enjoyed it.

The wine list is not very diverse and is moderately priced. Top wines will run about $60 a bottle on the list. I've had Ferrari-Carano Siena and Robert Mondavi cabernet when I've eaten there.

The food is good and relatively inexpensive. Main courses are mostly seafood and meats, and run around $24. That includes two side dishes, one of which should be their Spinach Maria (its delicious). They have a grouper covered with a remoulade of crab meat that is excellent. The steak and lamb chops are good, but not great. The decor reminds me of Hawaii for some reason (must be the lit torches outside the restaurant).

The Juno Beach location can get very crowded, and they don't take reservations. However, you can call them from your house and put your name on the waiting list, and then drive over after the appropriate waiting time. The first time we went the waiting time was 1 and 1/2 hours, so we happily stayed at home sipping wine for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and then drove over and got our table in less than ten minutes. The second time there was no wait at all.

I don't know if there are Kee Grilles in Delray or Boca.
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Rothko's description is accurate in my opinion, vis-a-vis both food and wine. The wine list is not particularly exciting or interesting, but the food is good and the prices fair. The spinach maria is an excellent side dish, but don't go see the doctor any time soon after or your readings will be off the chart.

There is one in Boca on Military Trail I believe.
The top places speak for themselves:

1. La Vielle Maison in Boca
2. Mark's in Mizner Park in Boca
3. Romeo's Cafe in the Gables

Some more casual suggestion:

1. Fish Joynt in North Miami Beach/Aventura exellent fish.
2. Cafe Ragazzi in Surfside, excellent casual Italian.
3. Crepe Chistina in Fort Lauderdale, obviously crepes.
4. Himarshee Bar & Grill in Lauderdale is also good.
5. Cafe Seville - Lauderdale - Spanish, fantastic and excellent wine list for spaniards
6. Greek Islands Taverna - Lauderdale.

In Hollywood -

1. Pizza on the beach at Sahara
2. Le Tub on the intercoastal side of A1A for burgers, fish sandwiches and awesome fried. The kids will love it.

If you need any more suggestions, I can come up with more.
Cafe Chardonnay update... Went to CC on Friday night and was impressed. This restaurant had gone down quite a bit in the last few years, but the quality was back up. The wine list continues to be expensive, and expansive (their liquor license is limited to wines, I think, so don't bother trying to get a cocktail). I had a dijon encrusted rack of lamb which was excellent. So, this place goes back on my list (at least for the time being).

Le Mistral - gets a big recommendation. This is a tiny little French restaurant in a strip-mall in North Palm Beach. Traditional French cooking, very affordable and delicious. They have an ala carte menu, a 3 course menu, and a 4 course menu. The 3 course menu runs about $30 per person (which is what the main course would cost at Cafe Chardonnay). Classic dishes like coq au vin, roasted duck, lamb tenderloin, and veal filet mignon. The wine list is limited, but very affordable. They also allow BYO for $20 corkage. You'd never find this place unless someone recommended it to you - consider it recommended.
I'm glad you had a good experience at Cafe Chardonnay. My complaint with the place had to do with the owner. We had a reservation when we were there in the Spring, and she took us to an upstairs table near the kitchen. The heat was intense up there (All men had removed their jackets and many had opened their shirts and rolled their sleeves up.) and I refused the table. She told us in a nasty tone of voice it would be an hour for another table. We left and have never returned.

Le Mistral sounds nice. Wanna go there in April? Big Grin Can we persuade Emilio to make the trip?

Just one more sip.

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