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We went to the opera on Saturday, and since we had a gift certificate to RC, we decided to use it.

I was disappointed. The wine list was average, with prices about 2x retail (not bad), the sides were delicious (we had the sweet potato casserole and creamed spinach). But the steaks made this evening forgettable. Average quality at best. Certainly not on the same level as other NYC steakhouses. In fact, I think the steaks I get at my butcher are better. To add to it, my ribeye was so fatty I wound up eating about 2/3-3/4 of it. Luckily I got to finish Terra's filet mignon. And I wouldn't have minded the prices had the steaks been decent. The ribeye (I'm guessing it was between 12-16 oz) was $40 and the filet mignon (probably 12 oz) was $36. For those prices, you can do much MUCH better in NYC.

Put this on your 'skip' list. Frown
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As far as I am concerned, that is exactly why not to go to RC in NYC. If you can go to the same place in Vegas, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas (not to mention Fort Lauderdale, B'ham Al, and who knows where else), why do it in NYC, when there are so many other options?

Now, everyone has their own choices and reasons for doing things and to each their own.

My comment is general and not specific to steakhouses or this particular restaraunt.

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