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Nini's food is really good and downright reasonable for what you get. It gets pretty loud in there though on weekend nights and the seating is very cozy by even NYC standards.

Stemware is pretty non-descript - depending upon what you brought, you'd need to consider bringing your own.

If you don't necessarily want to bring your own wine, Ibiza gets rave reviews.
Originally posted by AES:
Le Petit Cafe is on my "have to get there" list, but everyone I know who has been there has said it's great.

aes, we decided on LPC. the food was great. i don't care for the 6 & 8:30 only seating, but i guess that is part of their "draw"? there is also no need to plaster the front window AND the restrooms with every (good) review of the place, as their reputation is already known. fine food and great price($42.50 prix fixe). wine list sucks tho.
still i'd highly recommend it.

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