I've been here for work all week. I had no idea this would be a great food town but it is.

The best meal so far has been here:
This is a hotel and restaurant in an old church building. The architecture is pretty amazing. I've never eaten in a more interesting space. The food was quite good also. A quiet place.

The first night here we ate at one of the many of restaurants with a terrace on the Vrijthof Square called Fameuse. Was amazed at how good the food was. No wine list, but they have some wines by the bottle. It's a little bit of a guessing game. I asked for a chianti and they had a Felsina Berardenga 2007 that went pretty well with my osso bucco.

Also ate outside at D'artagnan which was quite good.

This place had only 2 or 3 employees. The food was great and the setting was nice also. It had a good offering of older wines that weren't that expensive: http://www.lebonvivant.nl/.
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