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I'll be in Kiev on a business trip in mid-July. I've not been here before, so I would appreciate hearing about any experiences and getting some pointers from others who have been there. I got the monasteries with caves full of dead monks and cathedrals with big domes, but I'm more interested in experiential information. That includes any restaurants or places to hang out that you'd recommend?

Note: I'm not asking for references to Ukrainian wine - I've tried the wines from Massandra. And I've had my share of Georgian and Moldovan wines. I'll stick to vodka!
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I've had some great vodkas in Ukraine. I don't remember the brand, but there was one flavored with honey and hot pepper that was outstanding. I'm not one for flavored vodka, but this one I liked.

Restaurants, bars, etc. come and go. I used to go to a place called Apollo that was just off the main drag (Khreschatyk). It was good food and a decent wine list, but I don't know if it is still there or even if it's any good anymore.

I used to go to the US and UK consulates (I carry both passports) and ask some of the staff where they liked to go.

Sushi is really big in Kiev now, but I have no idea where their fish comes from. It might glow in the dark for all I know! That said, last time I was there, I was treated to some. I'm a bit of a sushi snob, and I thought it was decent. The sushi chef at the place we went (and sorry I don't know the name, and it might not be there anymore) was right off the boat from Japan.

Not much help, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Check the usual sources (TripAdvisor, etc.).
Thanks for the comments, Haggis. I think I'll pass on the sushi - I'd rather have something that reflects the cultural heritage than the latest fad.

Looks like it's the Intercontinental for me. I get the impression that there is no middle ground - hotels are either really high end or they are old communist era relics. (I had a trip to Voronesh where there was little choice but to stay in one of those Stalinist concrete edifices, and that's enough Soviet flavour for me.)

I read the comments in Tripadvisor and the forum posts are all so positive that I really can't discern the good from the bad.

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