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Hi Everyone

Wine pairing is definately not our thang. Myself and my husband have recently started a gourmet site but I generally get help from websites to assist with the wine pairing.

Perhaps you folks could help me with a pairing for this dish PLEASE PLEASE Red Face I don't like to put it on our site until I have the pairing. I provided a pic here at the bottom as well.

New Zealand Spring Lamb Medallions marinaded in Olive oil with rosemary and served on a bacon corn saute.

I ate it last night for dinner. Yummmm (Although hubby prepared it.)

picture of lamb dish

Thanks sooo much
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Northern Rhone heavy on Syrah. A Cornas or Cote-Rotie perhaps? Board-O's recommendation will work if the wine has enough smokiness to compliment the bacon. Experiment and figure it out based on the flavors and spices of this dish. Oh, and your picture is underexposed. Have you been taking photography lessons from grunhauser? Wink

That Beaucastel will benefit from an hour or so in a decanter. If it's your only one, I'd wait 5 more years to open it.

2002 was not a great year in the Rhone, but I'd still hold off on that Cote-Rotie.

By the way, in the future you might post a question like this in the dining and cooking forum. It'll probably get seen there more.

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