Where is my Wine Spectator??

Still waiting. Perhaps... perhaps...

Fwiw, I think it's fairly unreasonable to demand bulk mailings to be timely. Now web access relative to the most recent reviews, that's another thing entirely.

It seems odd that Zachys appears to consistently get first day delivery yet some in NYC may wait 2 weeks...
The response from the WS Team is interesting...Let's ignore the on-line people as they will eventually go away. Mr Matthews if I may quote your article, "Here comes the vintage of the 21st century"...via snail mail. Can WS not even dignify a response to why the on-line version is not issued in a timely fashion? Confused
Originally posted by wine+art:
Well, what do you know... I just received my "California Values" issue today.

Irwin, did you ever get your 2005 Bordeaux copy?

My CA Values issue arrived today. Love when they re-hash old scores and turn it into an issue base. Roll Eyes

Allthough the German section is PERFECT!
The WS distribution procedures are wrought with problems.

For the 2005 Bord issue I receive it at beginning of March - 2 weeks later than teh rest of teh world. That is the March 31st issue??

Now on March 11th I receive the April 30th issue.

What is wrong with these guys and this picture?

Not consistent, poor service on one hand, and abnpormal quick on the other.

Does this mean that I will receive my end of May issue at the beginning of April?

Confused Frown Roll Eyes

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