I will be visiting Bucharest Romania during the week of January 17 on a business trip. Although I have done several projects there in past years, this will be my first trip to Romania and I am interested in any recommendations for restaurants, bars, and good places to drink wine while I am in the country.
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I was looking for restaurants, not dental clinics! You've been a lot of help, it's just not quite was I was looking for.

On my last trip to Bucharest, I visited two wine shops that were recommended locally, and found quite a collection of Romanian wines and hardly any imports at all. (Mainly a few French wines at astronomical prices; who do you think would buy the 1982 Haut Brion for 1,800 Euros?)

What did totally surprise me was the number of really old Romanian red wines that were shown from vintages dating back as far as the 1950's. I wouldn't have expected them to be very ageworthy, but the clerk I spoke to said that they age very well. Eek Unfortunately I don't speak Romanian and they didn't speak English, so our Q & A didn't get too far. Confused
Thanks for the recommendation, David.

You are correct, I have just got back from this trip - but I have to go back for a third trip sometime in August.

I was rather fortumate to be hosted very well this time, so I did not even get to a restaurant. But next time, I will surely be looking for a restaurant again.

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