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I'm not cooking it, but as I understand it, it's not thermidor without some kind of bechamel.
My father in law has been staying with us over Christmas and he goes back on Monday. We plan to take him out for dinner on Saturday and over the break he mentioned that he's not had a nice lobster thermidor in ages. So I called the restaurant and asked if they could oblige - they said yes.

Bubbly isn't a bad idea. I was planning on taking a bottle anyway as an aperitif.

Sorry Wine Expert - I don't have any first growths. I've got a 1996 Penfolds Grange, but I'm sure you'd agree that's probably over the hill by now.
Thanks for all the responses - it *did* work.

As I said, It was my father-in-law's final night of the visit and we wanted to treat him. The restaurant had a 2lb+ lobster flown in especially and served to his liking (without the shell - he's a bit funny that way, doesn't like his food to remind him of what it looked like when it was alive).

We told him that we'd order for him. We started with a rose champagne, then Ali and I had foie gras with an excellent 1990 Suduraut and he had crab cakes with the 2003 Neal.

We had a salad of frissee(?) lettuce, raisins and walnuts (which made the Neal taste very dry indeed). Then the chef came out and presented the lobster personally.

I had a braised beef short rib and Ali had veal wrapped in proscuitto, which we paired with a 97 Mill Creek Reflections (didn't really meet expectations; first taste was great, but not enough fruit for the tannins. Glad I only bought one.)

Finished up with desserts and cheese with the rest of the Suduiraut. >burp<!

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