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A friend is cooking a Thai dinner for us this evening - would appreciate any and all thoughts you have:

Menu includes:

Coconut curry chicken soup

Cold chicken w/cilantro salad

Thai peanut sauce over shrimp and Thai sticky rice

Spring rolls

(I'm guessing that I'm going to hear "riesling, gewurz, pinot noir")
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Thanks for the linkaroo, SweetM. As I was reading your brother's report, a cook from Thai restaurant - OSHA - walked by my window. I jumped out of my chair and rushed outside to ask him, I know him personally, what wine they like to serve with food at their table. He looked at me like I was from Mars and said they have both red and white at the restaurant, but only white people order it. Thais drink beer, he said...or Johnnie Walker. Big Grin I thanked him, and told him he is missing out big time, but promised to consider his advice. Smile

I still stick with my initial suggestion. Sparkle, sparkle!

p.s. I find it rather fascinating how some food cultures can be so open for so many choices of wine, and others are absolutely incapable of carrying a wine through meal.

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