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In the movie, I believe Lecter drank a "kee-aan-tee".
I've always wondered about that obvious mispronounciation. Hopkins is too good an actor to have slipped up accidentally. Was he mocking Agent Starling, or was there something else behind it?

I figured it was a slam against the less intelligent buffoons at the FBI. In the same way the Southerners would say "Yew sure yew ain't Eye-taa-yen?" I can't remember if he said Faa-vaa beans or Fah-vah.
I believe Mr. Lechter originally wanted to drink the 2003 Don Melchor with the liver, but found it was unavailable after the WS review. He then requested the 2003 Harlan but was shocked by the price increase, and passed on it. He debated about the 2003 Darioush, but then went for the Penny's 96 Block 42, but he too was shafted by WineBid, and did not get a chance to bid. He gave serious consideration for the new 13 Appelations wine, figuring he could cannibalize someone in each appelation, but when he saw the release price he balked on this one too. Finally, he settled on an inexpensive RP90 Aussie Shiraz, but almost gagged at the Big Bold 16% alcohol. What he really wanted was something that was Biodynamically farmed, and expressed it's terroir properly. He waited in vain for his allocation offer from Kosta Brown 2004. Frustrated and disheartned, he finally settled on a Coors Light and went to bed. Big Grin
Wine Joe..I can't wait for your version of the movie. It would make a hilarious short film. Make sure that guy from wineass.com gets a bit part though.

OK men.....In the movie "Blood and Wine" (which takes place in Miami) what does Jack Nicholson drink after suffocating Michael Caine?

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