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Port's a good suggestion. I might opt for a vintage Champagne. First of all, bubbly is always a celebration. And second, it's fun to watch it mature and deepen and become more complex over the years (yeah, like a marriage -- I know I'm getting sappy, mea culpa). Or maybe a top Riesling. Or a Burgundy (white or red). Or maybe...

Too many choices! But the best choice is obviously a wine that you like.

Finally, CONGRATS!
Well seeing that you asked for red wine ... the most obviousl answer is a well made red wine from a decent vintage in a style that you like...

Ex... try France - Bordeaux, Burgundy,and Southern Rhone.. most wines that are easy to find, are decent, and likely to last will cost $50->

... but most regions these days make wine capable of improving with time.

Take a look at a Vintage Chartand look for a region that produces wine in a style you appreciate that is rated well.. Sign up for a free cellar tracker account and you can get reviews and predictions on any wine you are looking at or just google the bottle.

If you pick a region, style,and price there are tonnes of people here that would point out some good suggestions.

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