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After reading a couple of posts on VC I got thinking, what do people like to wear out to a nice dinner? I know there are some people who, if goinging out to a great restaurant, would prefer to wear a suit and tie (and, by extension often, prefer for other diners to be dressed similarly). While I enjoy black tie events (I do think people look better dressed to the nines, and I enjoy wearing clothes like these and looking my best) in general, when going out to a fancy restaurant I would prefer to wear something along the lines of a sport coat over a polo shirt. (And, sometimes I'd prefer not to wear a coat at all.) I simply find this sort of clothing more comfortable and would prefer the comfort of this clothing while eating a great meal to the marginal aesthetic benifit of a suit and tie. How about you?


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I rarely wear a tie. Ties are for work and other formal occasions when I am obliged to wear one. I always wear a nice button up shirt tucked into something other than jeans (usually slacks). Whether I wear a jacket or not depends on the occasion, the restaurant, and my mood (in that order).

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Rothko, you cracked me up with that one Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin (though the reference will be lost on many - is the thread still around?).

Before this degenerates into mayhem, let me say that I HATE dressing up for dinner, though I begrudge no one else who feels otherwise. But the thought of dressing for fun as I dress for work is abhorent (and I don't even hate my job!).

Whoever thought it was a good idea for men to put some cloth around their necks and pull it tight should be cursed for all eternity. Mad

And of course when I do dress up I inevitably end up getting something that stains on a shirt, tie, jacket, pants, or all of the above.

Nope, put me in a pair of Dockers, a golf shirt and a pair of slip-ons any time, and I'm good to go! Smile

Bruins rule!
I have essentially stopped wearing ties to work, except when I have to appear in Court, which sometimes is every day of the week if I am in a trial, or some weeks not at all. Even if I have a client meeting or a deposition of a witness, I usually don't wear a tie.

Several years ago I told my staff that they no longer have to dress for work, except if there is some special reason to do so. My paralegal (with me for 20 years) and my secretary (with me for 11 years) like this very much, and it saves them money on clothes, so essentially I gave them a raise that costs me nothing.
As for restaurants, I just follow the dress code of the restaurant. Here in Baltimore there are only a few places that require a tie.


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it's all about mastering the art of dressing up by dressing down. Cool
outhere, it's no NY or Boca Raton , nobody dresses up here to go out to eat, nobody... except my lovely wife, Smile of course, and a few seasoned fashionistas Roll Eyes recently relocated from the East coast.

it's the funniest thread in a while Big Grin with all the money you guys spend on wine, i imaging many are still wearing last season's shoes Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Whenever you're thinking about wearing a tie to dinner, consider the link below (I hear you, bman). On the other hand (typing as I think...), if the link were true, we could drink more wine to drown our sorrows (and REALLY see if we love the wines without seeing those recognized labels...)

Wink Big Grin

A Cabernet a day keeps the doctor away.

It is our own company, but our outfit needs to be considered and spent time. We-wear casual, but not quite too casual, so we know we're going to actually take photographs at the end of the conference. Certainly, there are no guidelines for clothing, but you can dress according to your family tradition. The nice ones can be tunics, sweaters, dresses with sweaters, skirts, leggings etc. Such styles are healthy players when combined and paired, but you can look clever. You should test Nays-has NOMAD SKIRT if you're a hat lover. It' s a blue hand-loom top. The paint is good both in summer and in winter.

It’s a knee-length skirt hence making it convenient for family parties & dinners. It has side pockets for storage. You can pair it up with a black/ white camisole or any satin blouse will look super stylish.

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