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Originally posted by Tom16:
It's a '78, not the greatest year, but it is kind of notable since 1978 ended the long string of bad Margaux in the 60s and 70s.

Absolutely right. The 1961 was one of the greatest wines I've ever had. The 1964 was surprisingly good for the vintage. After that, a string of mediocre wines followed til the 1978 vintage. The 1978 and 1979 were probably the best wines of two over-rated vintages. I've had the 1978 maybe a half dozen times and it's good, but far from a great wine. I have one left which I'm considering selling.

As far as what to pair with it, you can't go wrong with cheese, but stay aweay from the very strongly flavored ones. This wine is no powerhouse. Since you'll be at the fireplace and I'm assuming it will be lit, you could put some pieces of marinated skirt steak on skewers and cook them in the fire. You could also make a fondue.
I'll agree with the bread and cheese, but with a cheese caveat...

A cheese that's too high in fat content may coat your tongue enough to hinder an "elderly" wine's ability to get to your taste buds.

Also, I'd avoid "milky" tasting cheese like Mozarella. Go for a nuttier cheese, as it may enhance the remaining fruit in the wine.

Parmigiana, perhaps.

There are probably others I am spcing out on thinking of right now. Think of harder style cheeses rather than the soft brand, but maybe a Morbier might work, so...

Maybe a little Prosciutto with the bread and cheese?

I'm jealous, by the way!

Best wishes.

(Edited to spell Mozarella.)
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When I first start reading the past I was jealous of the 78 wiNe , by the end I was jealous of the 78 wiFe. Joking
I would have to agree let the wine be the center of attraction, little bread, little cheese or the indoor bar-be-cue/fondue suggestion of board-o should do the trick.
ON a personal note I would suggest not decanting entire bottle at once and not keeping bottle to close the flame. I would never suggest drinking fast but a 78 might have limited or short-term nose and/or taste to it and therefore opening the entire bottle by decanting may shorten the drinking the window. That’s my own whacked out two sense.
Hello All,

I have to thank you ALL again for your suggestions! Can't tell you how much I appreciate all of them! And that I'll use them all as well.

Wine-wise: I'm not going to decant but rather let the wine aerate in the glasses since I'd like this to last as long as possible. And the bottle won't be near the fireplace.

Food-wise: Per your suggestions + one of mine: mild crackers with the Morbier, nuts, and thin baguette rondelles topped with thinly sliced roast beef. I'll get the grilled boneless leg of lamb meat in there somehow, PH, that's a great idea.

The other cheese comments were great, too. How about shredding some Ementhal on top of baguette rondelles and then lightly grilling them?

Fresh water. Would not have thought of that. Thanks!

Board-O, thank you for your own tasting notes on the '78, that's really helpful to know!

This sounds like a lot of food, but it'll be in the afternoon, after lunch and it'll only be sampled, not made a meal of. Both of us are much more interested in the wine, to say the least, but thanks to your suggestions there will be something to "nibble" on as well. Wink

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