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Originally posted by BRR:
Thanks, all, for the great ideas! I think I work out enough to "sin" with these, BTW, indybob, but I appreciate the sentiment! Wink

I'm thinking eggs benedict on Sunday morning sounds pretty duuuurn tasty! Razz

Excellent! Glad to see a fellow exerciser. In this case, I vote for Creme Brulee, straight up, no funny stuff.

came across this simple recipe for a lemon vinaigrette from the Culinary Institute of America. they say to pair with dry whites and recommend it for sweet greens (i.e., butter lettuce), roasted root vegetables & grilled or sauteed fish

1 - egg yolk
2 tbsp - lemon juice
1 cup - evoo
sea salt

just whisk all the ingredients together and add salt to taste

These weren't leftover yolks, they were tasked. But one of my favorite treats are Hong Kong-style Egg Tarts, and the closest Chinese bakery that makes them is about 20 miles from me. So hello, YouTube!

Made a batch of 16, using 4 egg yolks and puff pastry, which I think technically makes them Portuguese-style. But still delicious, and a nice hack. My son is into egg-white omelets, so that part will go to him.

@javachip posted:

Jabe11 and his sous chef (a.k.a. his daughter) have treated me to fresh fettuccine tossed in olive oil and grated parmesan topped with a salt-cured egg yolk.  Sometimes we gild the lily by adding fresh shaved truffles.  We also grate salt-cured egg yolk on asparagus for color and flavor.

Yep, I'll have E make some more with our upcoming cassoulet dinner.  Not sure if we'll use them or not, but I'm getting 6-7 eggs a day right now from the layers.  Make sure you bring empty egg cartons so I can fill. 

I'm always looking for recipes that use 10-12 eggs.  Spanish tortilla and quiche being the best.  I literally have around 5-6 dozen eggs around at any time...a family of 4 can only eat so many.  If anyone has good ideas to use up a shit ton of eggs, I'm all ears.  I'll take a look at the egg tarts mcneeley posted, and maybe its time for egg foo young.

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