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Here is what I like about Fulgent:

Their onsite covid tests are being widely utilized currently and long term their core business of genetic tests identify mutations in genes or chromosomal abnormalities that can be used to diagnose or rule out certain genetic conditions. Fulgent offers single-gene tests on approximately 18,000 genes, which is thousands more than most of its competitors. Those tests can be used to diagnose more than 7,600 genetic conditions including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, pediatric conditions, and more. The demand for this type of testing is growing big time and will not slow down anytime soon.

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Above posted on 7/3/20. FedEx was trading at $155.  Closed this past Friday (8/14) at $208.  An increase of around 34% in slightly more than 1 month.

Good earnings are indeed important. People are relying more on deliveries such as are made by FedEx and UPS and Amazon rather than in-person shopping.  Will Fedex continue to go up? Beats the heck out of me.  They announce their next quarterly earnings in mid-September, and my guess (only a guess) is that the stock will go up in anticipation of that earning report and then will fall back some.

Current price is $286 or so.  I shoulda bought more.

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DNLI, I have been buying this incrementally for 1 year and will not stop.

Looking for ideas on cold storage/logistics companies which will distribute the Covid vaccine - any ideas?

I have been wondering the same thing.  Pfizer has said they will use DHL, FDX, and UPS.  No other ones that I know of (e.g., A&R Logistics, Frontier Logistics) that move medical supplies are publicly traded.  Nippon Express bought up another US company, but it is not public, either.  There must be some that are.

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UAL was mentioned earlier but as far as stock investment goes (with airlines) there is some point coming up where airlines need to be looked at. I prefer more domestic carriers like ALK (very cash healthy) and JBLU. They will come back to last year levels hopefully later in 2021. My SFIX went crazy this last month (finally!). I'm always looking for penny stocks, last month bought some AMRH which I see an upside. IBIO, testing the waters. Been in and out of gambling like DKNG and PENN.

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I have no clue about Stocks

You can find tons of Youtube videos about that. There are also a lot of interesting blogs about investments , i can recommend you some if you are interested. Not all of them are in English, but with these services it is not a problem at all. All the post/documents/papers can be translated from/to required language in no time.

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Bought some SFL today.  Traded on the NY Stock Exchange.  Company based in Bermuda.  They own/lease ships for commercial ventures.  Bought it for the dividend which is now about 11%. Raised the dividend yesterday. Have paid dividends for 77 quarters in a row and their doing some stock buybacks now.

Trades at around $8.5 per share.  Won't go down much, and won't go up much either.  Not an exciting stock. Don't expect it to double.

Purely a dividend play.

Do your own diligence.

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