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Originally posted by bomba503:
JNUG loaded up near the low on Friday. Could have a bit more to run before I take the profit and go the other way.

All losses recovered from last couple weeks and then some

posting recs after they've run up 14% in a day is not my idea of a good rec!!

it's like those bums who drink a wine, dont share with you, then tell you how great it was!
Originally posted by irwin:
I bought some stock today in Square (SQ).
Don't buy it because I did. It seems like it is on the way up and is supposed to announced good earnings (so the rumor is) shortly. Morgan Stanley has an unfavorable view of it.

It will either go up, go down, or stay the same, unless I am totally wrong about it.

I also purchased some within the past month or so along with an equal amount of Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM). I consider both medium term holds.
Originally posted by Captain Cancun:
Anything to do with South Africa and its resource access will be skyrocketing in value with the new political climate that is about to beset it. Precious metals, rare earth minerals, domestic mining companies will all benefit from the imminent disruptions; it's going to be crazy over there!

I believe the continent of Africa is now a wholly owned subsidiary of China.
Originally posted by VinT:
Trade wars are good, and easy to win.

See, you are not focused on the now 26 people whom have left his administration in the first 13 months, or the 5 guilty pleas to federal crimes and more currently under indictment within his administration, or the investigations of both his daughter and son-in-law and not to mention this reality TV on guns this week that was LOL funny.

That said, yes, he is the only person that thinks trade wars will benefit America or anyone for that matter.

What a kangaroo court at its best.
Originally posted by WineTrooper:
Originally posted by g-man:
Originally posted by bfw:
Originally posted by g-man:
just like how how oil is going to reach 80$?

reading and blindly believing goldman feels intellectually lazy to me =)

Easy there Smile

Perhaps we should discuss the NKTR that you were crowing about lol! $93 to $73 in a few short days. While VLE is up over 10%...hmmm.

I am not directly long oil as I mentioned. I am long some oil equities. They are
mostly down in the correction with everything else. I believe you will see some sector rotation once the S&P and Nasdaq finish their correction. That remains to be seen...

As for Goldman, I am always wary of their calls...I’ve been investing for a long time...but I do fundamental research on the oil markets and I believe you will see them tighter by the end of the year.


oh i've been selling every single gain/pop i've got this week. so NKTR was stilla great trade since winetrooper suggested it at 72$ and that was a nice 1 week 10% pick up.

I have 0 reason to trust any rally.

but i refuse to go outright short as i dont trust the downside either.

my goal is to try and close out all positions i enter in the day and exit them first thing in the morning.

anyhow i just found the goldman research amusing. They were harping on tuesday to go fully back in and buy all dips.

my big loser this week, unforutnately is BAC. I was rotating some stuff into financials because i'm hoping raising rates will boost bank profits and dividends in the long run. unfortunately, rotated in too soon. very sad.

NKTR is a very long hold for me. So is SGEN.

As for everything else, I’ve closed out most of it. I am now convinced we see another 10% correction/stagnation for a quarter before rising up. I can’t help but think that the end of the low interest rate party could get messy. That might in itself be the Black Swan, even though it seems “normal” and “expected.”

Opportunity will knock soon enough.

I am however curious about emerging markets and commodities for Bfw’s sector rotation. And yes g-man, the do they not win?

NKTR - great data.

Market pushing it way up.



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