I like the following:

1. MRLDF - Mariana Resources
2. CCJ - Cameco Corp
3. Z - Zillow
4. TUWLF/TUWOY - Tullow Oil

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I am out of the market right now but if I was medical Reits like Ventas and some of the younger ones for when I retire in 20-25 years. Also the Schwab and Vanguard emerging market etfs. Maybe ROBO etf but it has an expensive fee.
Originally posted by bomba503:
Wouldn't touch Zillow.

Agreed. They've recently acknowledged major flaws in their "Zestimate," by eliciting a contest to fix it in the open market.
Not to mention their market ios selling leads to Realtors who increasingly are learning they are extremely poor quality but are buying them out of fear that other agents will gain a bigger profile in the market. Right now real estate is super heated in most markets but as soon as things slow down the agents willingness to spend will also. Maybe a decent short momentum play but longer term I think they will have issues.
I'm getting nervous.

The market is getting tired of waiting for tax reform legislation and clearly healthcare reform is dead.

The assumption of both houses being controlled by one party with an independent president being able to get things done is fading fast.
TH.to or THERF in the US.

Their marketed HIV drug will be approved this year and the market will be catching up on earnings for a few years.

Peak earnings should be greater than $2 per share and the share price is $8.

BOTZ - stock symbol

An ETF in the robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketplace. Currently trading in the low $20s and I believe is a good play over the next few years.

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