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I once had something called "Avalon Style Shrimp", which was basically cooked shrimp on top of garlic bread drenched with probably the most amazing sauce I've had in my life - this creamy, buttery, shrimpy delicious white sauce. Literally I spent the rest of the day thinking about how I was going to replicate that masterpiece to the point where my dad made fun of me for it lol.

It sounded basic so really didn't expect it to be the best seafood dish I've ever tried, but my god was it good. What was your experience (restaurant or homemade) where you didn't think something would be as amazing as it was?

Edit: wanted to thank everyone for their awesome responses, keep em coming! I've learned about a lot of interesting dishes and foods thanks to you. I really love this community

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The first time I ordered a high quality chocolate “pudding” with grilled bread, top shelf EVOO and sea salt I thought it was possible it would be “ok”. Turned out to be a genuinely memorable desert.

Bacon ice cream.

I remember never eating Brussels sprouts as a kid and hearing that they weren’t good. The first time I had them I was absolutely thrilled.

I’m not a big fan of button mushrooms. So when I first had wild mushrooms it was a revelation.

I don’t like certain pumpkin flavored things — like pie. But I recall being stunned by how good a good pumpkin bread can be.


(Certain) Blue cheeses

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