I also used to love Cali Cab, but in recent years have found it to be way to heavy-handed for my current tastes. I know my palate changes.

How do you feel about Tempranillo or Garnacha?

What may seem to be a possibly lopsided cellar can be thinned when the time is right. I mean, you don't have to drink them all (although you may want to), and depending on what you have, might be quite desirable in years to come to others if not yourself.

What I'm sayin' is... I wouldn't count the lopsidedness as a loss just yet!
Originally posted by GregT:
So maybe some CA cabs are a bit much. But some are also dammed good. I don't drink them every night - night before last we had a Barbera, last night we had a Rioja Reserva after going through a few dozen Portuguese wines and tonight I'm drinking a Cab Franc from Saumur. But I'm also quite happy to have a CA cab. No need to choose - just enjoy it all.

You had me until the Cab Franc Razz

Good posting, GregT, as usual. The voice of reason
Originally posted by Easy:
And so what were they?

Cab and cab blends in no specific order:
Bounty Hunter: Jurisprudence, Linked
Melka: Metisse Jumping Goat Vineyard
Realm: Farella, The Bard, To Kalon
Carter: To Kalon x 2, Coliseum
Vincent Arroyo Reserve, Chateau Montelena Reserve, Mirror, Forman, Parallel, Vineyard 29, TOR To Kalons and Cimarossa, Favia, and DR Stevens;
and a bunch of auction wines.

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