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On July 4, Joey Chestnut won the annual hot dog eating competition by downing 62 hot dogs (with buns) in 10 minutes. That's about 1 hot dog every 10.3 seconds.

At our July 4 barbecue, I had 1 Hebrew National hotdog, with mustard, but without the roll.  I did not time myself.  Also had some pulled chicken, a single rib, sloppy Joe meat (without the roll), some salads.  Had 1.5 Erdinger dark beers. Fruit salad for dessert.

Ate at Limoncello, a relatively new place in Baltimore. Eggplant appetizer, nice salad with salmon.  
Consumed a very good Montepulciano Riserva 2018 ( see photo attached) with the meal.  Wife had swordfish.  One friend had a seafood mixto, and the other just had two appys.

Wine list is excellent, with a heavy emphasis on southern Italians, as the owners are from Naples, but they have many Italian wines divided by region and some American wines too.


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