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Went to a 'Sculpt & Tone' workout this morning after only a coffee and croissant.

That workout kicked my a**! Eek

UGGGGH. Need Protein......

Came back to a Fritatta Brunch (lovely made by D). Awesome. Included Olives, Chicken Sausage, wild mushrooms (left over from the Risotto prep last night), shallots, Parmesan, rosemary & thyme.

YUM! Smile
Originally posted by WISAD:
...I love Grey Goose Martini's but honestly....4 was probably too many.
I find a good vodka martini can sneak up on you a lot quicker than wine. At a recent dinner party I too finished 4 martinis in relatively short order (Chopin), the problem was they were triples and they were along with a glass or two of red had with dinner. Let's just say the evening ended a bit early for me.
My hangover breakfast:
Three or four Caesars with lots of celery salt around the rim.
Three eggs scrambled over low heat with lots of butter and chopped chives (French style).
A six oz tenderloin grilled to medium well.
Two pieces whole wheat toast with butter and ginger marmelade.
Large glass ice water and two Tylenol.
Three more hours sleep.
Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by KSC02:
Originally posted by wine+art:
the last glass of 1982 Clos des Goisse from last night.

You actually had a glass left over!? Eek

I was surprised as well, but killed the rest as soon as I found it this morning. Wink

Reminds me of when I was doing inventory last year and "found" a bottle of 1988 Salon I didn't realize I had. You gotta love it when you find stuff like that. Wink
Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
In honor of your restraint, this morning:

Eggs Benedict
Bloody Marys (pitcher of)
Champagne Pierre Peters Cuvee de Reserve BdB Grand Cru


The other weekend when you text me a photo of your Eggs Benedict I ran out to the local b'fast resto and ordered some. Big Grin


Celebratory b'fast prior a big week ahead? Smile

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