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New to the forums, but long-time reader. Over the years I have collected a number of Napa Cabernet wines, some of which are not average drinkers. I have 10-12 case of Scarecrow, Harlan, Colgin, Bryant Family, etc. that I am looking to sell. I have contacted LWS and reached out to some of the auction houses, but the bids are typically 40-50% of retail (and well below cost). So any advice would be helpful, or better yet if there are buyers here that would be great. I have a full list in excel and pics are available.

Provenance: Original buyer at release directly from the wineries. Stored in three EuroCave cellars at 55F. (Will post some pics when I figure out how)


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I'm happy to see after weeks of waiting that my post made it!

I have sent emails to the two folks above, but have not heard back... any interest? In this offering there are the following:
* 12yr vertical of Scarecrow (2007-2018) four years were 100pt
* 12yr vert of Colgin IX ('07-'18) six years were 100pt
* In all there are 3 cases of Colgin, 2 cases of Scarecrow, 28btl of Bond, 1 case Harlan, 13 Bryant...

I'm in the NYC area and would obviously prefer a local situation.
Thanks and be well.


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