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I just got hooked on Johnsonville Brats, the Bratwurst kind. I tried a Justin 2003 Cabernet with this and went pretty well. One didn't overpower the other, although Brats seem to overpower some foods. Is a Cab best for Brats or can a Zin like a Rosenblum Sauret or a Pinot or a Riesling, or Gwerztriminer go well also?
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Do you boil your brats in beer and onions prior to grilling them? If so, you might want to try drinking that very same beer (okay, not THE same beer - that might taste bad Wink) in which you boiled the brats. The old rule applies: if you drink the "wine" you cook with, the pairing will likely be decent.

I think any beer would pair well with a brat, but probably NOT something too light (and nasty) like an American macro pilsner. Ick. Go for a nice Amber or Nut Brown Ale.

Wine, for me, isn't what a brat's beggin' for.
No question that beer is the way to go here. I'll offer one that goes great with brats and leans a bit away from the standard "beer". An outfit in Canada called Unibroue makes an ale they call Ephemere. It is brewed on lees with an apple wort. They recommend it as an appertif but I think the subtle apple flavor plays beautifully off the brats. If you live in the North East it is widely available. I'm not so sure about out West.

I do believe your question was "what wine will go well with a Brat" My suggestion would be a Reisling if your boiling them with beer this will bring out the sweetness you get with beer boiled brats and some kraut tends to be sweet, if your looking for a red then you nailed it with a Zin, I would go for a Zin from Amador county, not to overpowering but big enough to keep up with the Brat.

Not to offend anyone, but I don't believe there is any food that isn't screaming out to be paired with Vino.

Remember: At the bottom of every cork is the beginning of new memories.

thanks for the suggestions. A Rosenblum Aparicio from Amador Co. I will try next. I remembered having ribs with some Sweeter BBQ sauces like with honey-mustard which killed some Zins, but the Rosenblum Aparicio Zin stood up to the sweeter BBQ sauces quite well.

I will also try a riesling and a Pinot as suggested. I just got a case of the 2003 MacPhail RRV Pinot (WS95), should be pretty good.

Oh just looked at the Albertson's Ad, Johnsonville Brats 2 packages for $6, starts friday!
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