"I just got a case of the 2003 MacPhail RRV Pinot (WS95), should be pretty good."

Are you interested in selling or trading for any of your 2003 Macphail RRV? I have a few bottles of the 2003 W.H. Smith Maritime (WS97) and Hellenthal (WS96) that are fantastic if you're interested in trading. I'd be interested in up to 6 bottles depending on the arrangement.

Please let me know via email at troypeterson@usa.net.


I knew I could find this thread. I am going to my kids' school multicultural potluck dinner and have no time to make real food. My background is German, so I am thinking boil some brats in beer and onions and then fry up with the onions afterward. Slice into large chunks with onions on top. Put a couple of jars of mustard (one sweet and one hot) beside it and voila! Anyone have a better very quick idea?
GA, you came to the bbq last year, you can now attest to the fact I paired Johnsonville brats ala Flubis successfully with wine Wink

But for Superbowl, it's my neighbors home brew. Big Grin

However this thread is a classic. It is amazing how many common denominators there are in the classics huh ? Eek

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