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I got to stay home all night and pass out over 10 Costco bags of candy - our street is a neighborhood safe street, and is barricaded and patroled. Kids are literally bused in from all over. I have NEVER seen as many adults dressed up taking their kids trick or treating as I did last night.

Oh, and I had on my "I See Orange People" Giants t-shirt.
Well I got totally geekified this year and made my own, authentic looking Dr. Horrible costume. Also spent considerable time on my Death Ray.
I thought this was a pretty well known character (he won in the last Emmys), but no one in my office (we had a bunch of employee's kids come in on Friday) knew who I was.
At a Halloween party at Redhook brewery later, only three people recognised me. Roll Eyes Frown
Put in the Yellow Cat Eyes contacts, donned a Jeepers Creepers latex mask, full theatrical cape with over-sized hood and over-sized ghoul-ish werewolf style finger nails. Good fun to D and her 8 yr old & friends Trick-r-Treating.

Regarding the nails; I will never glue nails on again! BIG mistake! Eek
Took two hours to get the friggin' things off. Had to use professional strength remover until the entire things dissolved.
Originally posted by Redhawk:
Nothing, just sat in a chair on my front porch handing out candy for 2 1/2 hours. We had about 350 trick-or-treaters again this year. Funny, only about 25 kids actually live in the neighborhood. Confused Mad Confused Roll Eyes

Actually that is a good thing for you. Families feel comfortable bringing their children to your neighborhood to trick or treat. Wonderful for you and wonderful for the children who can enjoy a safe Halloween in your neighborhood. Hope it continues.

My cynical, tough lady role model, I would like to go like Dana Scully, but I would need to wear a red wig. I may also be the shortest, most feminine Fox Mulder in the world. I went back to The X-Files, and this is the location that much of my designs for costumes come from. Halloween is the one day in the year, since I never give a talk or have job interviews, I always wear my suit jacket at best gender neutral brand.

I'll go as Facebook as I write' text' on my face if I run out of time to make a decision. I will only wear my Halloween tee when I just run out of time, saying, "This is my homicidal mad costume. We just look like everyone.

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