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I'm dogless at the moment but I had a great German Shorthaired Pointer for 12 years.

Best all around gun dog on the planet. Hunted over him all over the USA. He thought he was a Labrador. Made 100 yard retrieves of Canada Geese in open water. I felt so sorry for him in the cold one time that I bought him a dog wetsuit.

Haven't hunted since I lost him in 2008.
1. We have a 60# Standard Poodle named PIPPIN!

2. We live in Sonoma County, CA just north of the most liberal county in California which is Marin County. Marin now has a policy that any Pit Bull that ends up in the Animal Control facility is not released and is euthanized.

3. The only bad dog experience I ever had was on my rural Sonoma County property when I went outside one day and saw a neighbors pit bull had cornered my 80# German Shepard many years ago. I did get the .357 Magnum and put one bullet within one inch of the Pit's nose and he ran off. Told the neighbors and got a rash of s*** from them. Pit Bulls and their owners are often one and the same.
Originally posted by mneeley490:
Originally posted by PURPLE:
No chihuahua owners in this group?

I think I'm in agreement with George Carlin on chihuahuas. All they do is p*ss and shiver.

...or get eaten by pit bulls.

(sorry, i know the pit bull thing has been waaaay over done here, but i couldn't restrain myself on that one)
Finally something I can't argue with BO or GA on.

Every breed has certain traits. It is these traits that are developed and enhanced through breeding over generations of animals. (Staffordshire?) Bull Terriers were chosen for their natural strength, speed and aggresive protective nature, not for their cute cuddly friendly personalities. Breeding further enhanced these traits and at this point it is in all of them, like it or not.

Sure some idiots train them to display that nature more than others or to bring it out on command but it's still in there somewhere in all of them. Others have one they think is the exception to the rule until it's too late. Yes any animal can snap, but if and when these guys do it causes a lot more damage than when a bichon frise loses it's mind. Most of the people I know who have these dogs are dirtbags and chose the dog to be, or appear to be, tough guys. Just look at the names their owners give them. Nobody names their pit bull rover, fido, fifi or anything like that.
Originally posted by Sandy Fitzgerald:
The wife has a 7 month old Chevaliar King Charles Spaniel as her lap dog while I have 4 month old border collie to chase me around and train me! Big Grin


I saw a TV special on the breeding of dogs recently and they discussed the over breeding of certain dogs including the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Apparantly that breed has been over bred so that it's skull is too small for it's brain sometimes resulting in neurological problems. Something you might want to watch out for.

Article on the condition.

Originally posted by T Dub:
Originally posted by jburman82:
Oakley - 6 yo soft coated wheaten terrier. As many people on this board will attest, he is a living teddy bear.

I also have a soft coated wheaten. Best dog a person could every ask for. And the teddy bear analogy is perfect.

She is seriously the sweetest dog ever and fantastic around the kids (5 & 2) they pull her ears push on her jump on her and she just takes it and just asked to be petted in return.

I had never heard of the breed until my wife came home one day raving about this dog one one of her students had. She wouldnt shut up about it for months so I finally broke down and bought her one. Now, the dog and I are best friends. I dont think we will ever have another breed. Not only are they friendly to everyone and adorable, but they dont shed!!!
I only had one dog, when I was a kid. He was a dachshund named Fritzy. Great dog who lived to age 16. We lived in the country and he went everywhere with us. Chasing, but not quite catching, squirrels kept him youthful and fit. He never gave up chasing them, but they managed to jump on the tree one step ahead of him.

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