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Originally posted by Red guy in a blue state:
Originally posted by Bigfoot003:
The FedEx guy hates delivering to our house. He's afraid of dogs... Big Grin

Our old Fed-ex driver would bring dog biscuits with every delivery. She would even leave one for Duke if there was nobody home. Basically trained him to go ape shit any time there was a delivery truck in the neighborhood. It can get awfully noisy around Christmas time.

Nice Red Guy! Let's see if we can get this thread out of the verbal octagon it's become. Red Face

My neighborhood gas station, when I lived in Oregon, would keep dog treats for the dogs when we stopped there for gas. Just passing a gas station was cause for giant slobbers all over the back windows.
i got nuttin' then. Eek

except that i do recall as a kid, german shepherds were child eaters. then the doberman pinscher became son of satan for awhile. the pit bull now reigns king of evil. i fear for you future dachshund owners, be afraid. vewy vewy afwaid...

Originally posted by Gigond Ass:
Originally posted by TBird:
i can. those bible thumpers that ring my doorbell on a sunday morning, wanting to discuss my salvation. go get 'em, tiny! Cool
Ok. Two good reasons then. Cool
Fox's story illustates the point I was trying to make. Sometimes Pit Bulls, more than any other breed, just see red and attack. There is no amount of loving, secure upbring that can stop that. That is what they are breed for. Of course raising them to be $hitheads exacerbates the inherent qualities but loving them doesnt make those same qualities go away.

Here is another anecdote. My sisters room mate had a pit. My sister had a 14 yo toy poodle who was blind. One day the pit attacked my sisters poodle. Thank god my sister was home and was able to kick the pit off her dog.

These stop being anecdotes and start becoming trends when enough people have them.

If someone wants to own one thats a personal choice and this is America but I wouldnt let your dog around my kid.
Originally posted by indybob:
Any Schipperke owners aboard? I've only met one, at a party about fifteen years ago, and it was the coolest little dog. Just loved that thing.
Yes. I dated a girl that had one. Meanest little shit on the planet. LOL.

It would bite off anyone's face that got near her. No Bob, not just mine.

I was never that worried, because I could punt it across the yard if needed. It was kind of annoying to have it snarl behind the door when I was walking to the john.

Good watch dog though.
Originally posted by jburman82:
Fox's story illustates the point I was trying to make. Sometimes Pit Bulls, more than any other breed, just see red and attack. There is no amount of loving, secure upbring that can stop that. That is what they are breed for. Of course raising them to be $hitheads exacerbates the inherent qualities but loving them doesnt make those same qualities go away.

I'm sure all rational people realize that. That's why rational people don't own pit bulls.
Some good points brought up here re: pitbulls.
Now, I have had dogs and other animals all my life. Very fond of dogs, even though as a young paperboy, I was attacked twice on my route by a Great Dane & a Norwegian Elkhound. I don't think pitbulls were as popular at the time, circa 1973. (Another paperboy, who was a good friend of mine, almost literaly lost his nuts when he was attacked by a bull mastif. The dog's mouth was so big, the bite mark to his groin actually encircled his junk. Red Face Of course, things like this never made the news back then, and lawsuits were almost unheard of.)

But I think any responsible pit owner has to agree that even if all the anecdotal evidence is wrong; even if pits attack no more often than any other breed, the severity of the attacks are almost always much, much worse. That's why, overall, they're labeled as a dangerous breed.
Almost every breed was bred for a specific purpose. It's hard-wired into their DNA. It would be like trying to get a Pointer not to point, or a Retriever not to retrieve.
No matter how much you love your pit, no amount of "nurture over nature" is going to change that fighting instinct. They're always the greatest dog in the world, until that moment when instinct finally kicks in, and they just snap.

In this state: RCW 16.08.100 (3)
"The owner of any dog that aggressively attacks and causes severe injury or
death of any human, whether or not the dog has previously been declared potentially
dangerous or dangerous, shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a class C felony punishable
in accordance with RCW 9A.20.021."
RCW 9A.20.021 --"(c) For a class C felony, by confinement in a state correctional institution for five years, or by a fine in an amount fixed by the court of ten thousand dollars, or by both such confinement and fine."
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i have a 3 acre dog park within 1/2 mile of my house. Between my wife and I we are there 5-7 days a week in nicer weather. Every single dog on dog fight I have ever witnessed first hand in th park has aways involved at least one of the more aggressive breeds (pit bull, papillon, rottweilers, cocker spaniels, etc). In the same fashion every human on human fight at dog park had at least one human owning one of the above mentioned breeds. I believe certain breeds are predisposed to violence, aggression, attacking, etc. Whenever you have to say "a properly trained pit" or a well behaved rottweiler" is a indicator to me that you are fully aware that the breed is aggressive/problematic. My therapy dog has been attacked twice in her life, both times by pit bulls, both times in dog park.
I agree that someone who spends the time, effort and money to properly train a pitbull reduces the pits chance of attacking. However take a lab, never train it and mistreat it and it still wont become aggressive. I question the owners of aggressive breeds as to their intentions.
Here's a quote from a 2009 study that might be of interest in the ongoing vicious dog debate: In any event, there is no scientific evidence that one kind of a dog is more likely to bite or injure a human being than another kind of dog. Clicky. NCRC

If a dog bite happens, and it's described as a "pitbull," the chances of it being reported on in the media are magnified, even if the injuries sustained are equal. Sometimes pitbull stories are newsworthy. Locally, we had a pair of them get shot by state troopers recently, and IMO, it was worth reporting, as cops had to discharge their weapons.

Still, take equal dog attacks on the same day, one is from a husky, the other is from a Pitbull, guess which one leads on the nightly news? Heck, I work for the media, and believe that most (but not all) media are biased when it comes to over-reporting pitbull attacks and under-reporting non-pitbull dog attacks. Think all these news reports shape public opinion? You bet.

Great point TBird about the doberman and german shepherd thing. Those were gnarly, vicious dogs when I was a kid, never to be trusted, tear your face off kind of dogs. . .

Haven't heard anything bad about them in years. . .
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Originally posted by Board-O:
Anyone who thinks pit bulls are no more dangerous than a lab is a fool.

Able to deliver more damage than most other breeds, of course! A pit is a large, muscular dog, there's no debate about that. Intrinsically more likely to attack than many other breeds if raised in kind homes with owners who love their dogs and train them properly? Show me evidence to the contrary. Calling a good dog owner a fool for owning a properly trained pit bull is ridiculous, IMO. Again, show us evidence that properly trained and cared for pitbulls, raised from puppies, are more dangerous and likely to attack than other dog breeds. . .otherwise, take your anecdotes and biases somewhere else.

Also, wasn't it you who cast a shadow on the lab, pardon me, black lab:
Originally posted by Board-O:
What species [sic] do they use as junkyard dogs? Black labs?

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