Hi Eric,

Before I could get back to you, speedy GreenDrazi posted a link back to the explanation I gave on the Wine Conversations forum.

Here's the explanation:

With the Learn Wine forum, we're hoping to create a place where people who want to learn about wine can exchange questions and answers with people who know about wine.

The questions might be about putting together wine tastings, sensory evaluation, wine regions, grapegrowing, winemaking or even wine service. As we all heard in grade school, "There are no dumb questions."

We're hoping to make learning about wine easier for everyone. I’ll regularly join in the discussion and I’ll consult Tom Matthews and the rest of the editors whenever we need their expertise.

This forum is open to everyone, whether or not they've taken a course at Wine Spectator School. (Sure, you’ll find an ad for our courses at the top of the forum page, but the courses help pay for the electricity around here.)

Gloria (The Schoolmarm)

I know exactly how Miss Parker, my 8th grade history teacher would have answered that question, "Let's stick to the topic."

As for your comment on the color scheme, I guess we can tell that the design folks like chocolate and Bordeaux. Good observation from The Sky Blue City.
Originally posted by KillerB:
I like the chocolatey Bordeauxey colour scheme.

Errrmmm... Are we allowed to be ridiculous in here? Please?

A+ on the adult color scheme.

p.s. Is this by any chance the long overdue replacement for MTH? Razz
I wanna know why this forum gets to use way-cool colours while the other forums are only shades of grey.

But seriously, I think this new forum is a good idea, if only because it will allow Qs and As to be separated from the "Wine Conversations" forum, which is always over loaded with stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.

And nice to meet you Schoolmarm, if I could figure out how to produce a cyber-apple, I'd give it to you! Big Grin
Oh, do pay attention, Wadsworth! I know it's Friday after-- Oh, watching the football, are you boy? Right! Move over there. I'm warning you! I may decide to set an exam this term.
Originally posted by The Schoolmarm:

I know exactly how Miss Parker, my 8th grade history teacher would have answered that question...

I think I was in your class!!

Did you have long brown hair and sit near the front?
I am beginning to think this is the new place to actually discuss wine. The wine conversations tab is the MTH section. I think I come up with some lame, low interest posts or questions sometimes but I see other wine related questions fade from the forum fast, with few replies. At the the same time people (a lot of them) post about how much they hate Serge, are infuriated that Dr Spitvogel would suggest vegenism (Wasn't Dr.Spitvogel an obvious joke?)etc. etc. then complain about the boards decline. I think a lot of people here are more interested in the conflict than the wine. I am also under the impression that people ask wine related questions hoping for replies and some members who know the answer or could contribute insight are just not interested in replying.
It is all still unclear to me.

The colours in this section are too pukey for a school. These are coffee house colours.

Can this section teach us something useful like how to avoid a hangover after drinking champagne, white burgundy, bordeaux and vintage port (with a stogie)? Or how about how not to offend someone's taste when they bring a really crummy bottle of wine over to a dinner party?

The only way to avoid hangovers is to drink lots of water, at least five times as much water as wine. Worked for me at Otis' CDP, at least! Big Grin
hi BirD, If there's a wine question in your comments, I'm happy to answer. as for the colors, you can't please everyone, just as different people like different wines.

bman, you are sooo correct. lots of water makes for good wine. at big tastings, I usually have a glass of water for each glass of wine.

I know it's probably against school rules to argue with teacher, but wasn't there at least 1 wine question in my reply? Any help is appreciated.


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